Tours from Casablanca

Tours from Casablanca Allow You to Discover Morocco's Mystique

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and a vibrant hub of culture, commerce, and history. Located on the Atlantic coast, this bustling metropolis is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, stunning architecture, and rich cultural heritage. As the economic and business center of Morocco, Casablanca is home to numerous international companies, as well as a thriving tourism industry. Visitors to Casablanca can explore the city’s many attractions, including the impressive Hassan II Mosque, the vibrant Central Market, and the historic Old Medina. With its unique blend of modernity and tradition, Casablanca is a fascinating destination for travelers seeking a truly immersive cultural experience.


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What is typically included in these Morocco excursions departing from Casablanca?

Depending on the trip option you select, our excursions depart from Casablanca include. Usually, the accommodation you select—whether standard or luxurious—makes a significant effect.

What do I need to carry for my desert overnight stay?

Unsurprisingly, only your essential possessions. Sleeping bags are not required. Real mattresses, pillows, and ample blankets are provided in both the regular and deluxe campers, among other amenities.

We advise wearing long trousers, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, a hat (particularly in the summer), sunscreen, and a small backpack to carry your belongings.

What distinguishes the standard from the deluxe camps?

Standard Camp: While the facilities and toilets are separate and communal, the tents are private.

Luxury Camp: Each tent has its own private toilet, bathroom, and hot water. The tents are private and a little bit larger. A WIFI connection and a location for charging your phone and camera are also available.

How does the reservation procedure go?

Free Reservation! Typically, we require a minimal payment through Paypal, Wise, or bank transfer to reserve any excursion. The remaining balance must be paid in cash to your driver or guide at the time of pickup.

Paying the deposit is free, and you may use Wise or Paypal to save carrying a lot of cash by paying the entire amount or only a portion of it.

  • For payments, visit the following page click here.

How do you handle cancellations?

Please cancel at least 15 days prior to the trip date to get a full refund. The deposit is nonrefundable if you cancel fewer than 15 days before your trip, however it is still usable if you decide to reschedule.

  • For more cancellation informations, visit the page by clicking here.

Are there any additional activities in Morocco?

Our travel agency specializes in day excursions from Marrakech as well as Marrakech activities and provides tours from various locations in Morocco.

From the following cities, we provide Morocco tours:

If you’re in Marrakech or planning a trip there but are unsure about what to do, check out these pages:

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