How much do you tip a tour guide in Morocco?

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How much do you tip a tour guide in Morocco ?

You can run across circumstances where residents in Morocco’s more tourist destinations request tips for services you might not ordinarily think of as compensated, if you were to book with our travel agencies in Morocco. For instance, even if they don’t mention it before you take the photograph, you should anticipate to be asked for a tip of about 10 dirhams (USD 1) if you want to snap a picture of a market vendor, artisan goods, a snake charmer, or oneself holding traditional goods. Even if they have only been following you, some residents can offer to give you an unofficial, seemingly free “tour” of the medina or neighborhood in exchange for a gratuity, if you are a women read about Traveling in morocco as a woman.

Tipping your guide in Morocco

You might also think about giving your tour guide a tip for providing exceptional service throughout your vacation. The amount is completely up to the individual, although it’s generally accepted that it should be between $20 and $40 per person, per day. Naturally, you are free to tip more or less as you see fit, depending on how well you feel the service was provided and how far you traveled. Keep in mind that leaving a tip is optional and should only be done in the event that the service was exceptional, you could read about Morocco tours for solo travellers.

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