Traveling in morocco as a woman advices you should consider!

traveling in morocco as a woman

Traveling in Morocco as a woman is just as safe as in any other nation, our Morocco tour agency will help ypi travelling. There are some general safety considerations to remember, but no matter where you travel in the world, you will run across the same problems.

Millions more people reside here, and countless of women visit every day. Traveling in Morocco as a woman is not a novel experience. It is safe for women to travel to Morocco. But it’s critical to be conscious of cultural norms, you could read about How much do you tip a tour guide in Morocco?.

Also be aware that tourists are given a lot of latitude in terms of how they should behave and how they should dress. You are not required to behave or dress like a native. There is no specific clothing code in Morocco, yet it is encouraged and appreciated.

These are some tips you should consider when traveling in Morocco as a woman:

  • In general, it’s not a smart idea to go alone through the streets after dark.
  • Avoid carrying a lot of cash. Avoid making friends and hoping for the best.
  • To prevent putting yourself in a risky scenario when you’re alone, limit your alcohol consumption or refrain from drinking at all.
  • Women don’t typically sit in cafes, though this is changing, especially in urban areas. There are many establishments that are suitable for usage by any gender, but there are also “male” cafes. Unwanted advances may occur if a woman sits at a male-only cafe because the ladies who frequent those establishments do so to attract men.
  • Ask your riad, hotel, or a guide to confirm if there are any cafes around before you go. Though it might be advisable to steer clear of that one if you notice that the cafe is packed with men. Above everything, maintain your senses and exercise caution and vigilance.
  • Keep in mind that a strong offense is your best defense. When traveling alone in Morocco, this is even more true. Be aware of your surroundings and where you are at all times.
  • I got it. We smile a lot in America, where I’m from. It took me a tremendously long time to quit grinning just to be friendly or just because. Now, I’ll welcome the women and elderly men in our neighborhood or on the street with a grin, but I hardly ever give a smile to a boy or guy who is between the ages of 15 and 60.
  • Keep in mind that what could seem to you to be a simple talk with a man may signify something very different to them. If you stay for an extended period of time, you might make friends. When smiling is all that is done, it will start to feel more natural and like a friendship.
  • You experience unwanted attention or harassment? Either disregard it entirely or make a huge issue out of it. As much as I despise it, I also realize that I cannot change it on my own. I used to always choose to dismiss it in the beginning, just because I despise conflict.
  • If I’m being honest, you should be aware that you’ll get criticism (mostly from that male demographic I mentioned above). Some of them are innocent and may simply praise you or say how lovely you are. Intriguing, isn’t it? Ignoring it is the best course of action, in my experience.
  • Please refrain from donning a head scarf, short shorts, and a tank top. Wear a scarf over your arms, chest, and legs if you wish to be respectful; otherwise, it’s unnecessary and might be construed as offensive. Wear anything you like if you’re headed to a nightclub or swimming pool, but what should you wear if you’re exploring Marrakech’s souks? Cover up, especially your cleavage and behind, or expect a lot of trouble.
  • For two reasons, I always wear my sunglasses. Aside from the fact that it is sunny here for roughly 355 days out of the year, wearing sunglasses also ensures that no one can see my eyes or where I am looking. This allows me to glance about (especially when shopping) without being immediately approached by someone attempting to sell me something. Dark sunglasses are a great trick, really!
  • For a trip to Morocco, your really adorable handbag might not be the ideal choice. Instead, choose a bag that you can carry across your body and in front of you. Theft is a problem, especially in big cities. Spread out your valuables as much as you can—put your phone in your pocket, your cash in various wallet and bag pockets, etc.
  • Morocco may be traveled on a shoestring budget, but I believe it’s worthwhile to spend a bit extra on safe accommodations, trustworthy transportation, and maybe even consider hiring a guide in the cities. Spending a little more can have a significant impact on your trip, especially if you’re a solitary traveler on a tight budget, are new to travel, or simply want to ensure you have a fantastic experience.
  • You will not locate it on your own, I swear, therefore it is 100% worth the cost to have your riad or other lodging pick you up from the airport or train and take you to their property.
  • There are many Moroccan men seeking for a way out who can take advantage of female tourists. It’s possible for their entire family to be involved at times, giving you the impression that their adoration is sincere. Watch out for men who declare their “love”
  • In Morocco ten years ago, barely anyone could speak English. These days, more and more people do, and it’s possible that you’ll use English throughout your entire trip. In light of this, learn some French and Darija and put them to work! (Moroccan Arabic).

Realize that not everyone is bad. There are far more pleasant experiences for every negative one.

Although it may sound bad, Moroccans are actually very kind individuals. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people looking to take advantage of others, make money quickly, or get out (via a foreign spouse). Being receptive to Moroccan culture while exercising caution will make your trip enjoyable.

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