Tbourida: Equestrian art from Morocco

Tbourida: Equestrian art from Morocco

Our Morocco tour operator offers some informations about the equestrian discipline known as Tbourida dates back to the 15th century and is derived from the Arabic word baroud, which means “gunpowder.” It is an equestrian rendition of a series of military parades that has been recreated in accordance with ancient Arab-Amazigh customs and ceremonies, if you like camps read about bivouacs of luxury in the desert.

Each Tbourida parade is carried out by a group known as the “Sorba,” which is made up of an odd number of riders and horses (between 15 and 25). The “Mokaddem,” the tribe’s chief, stands in the midst of the group with his steed. The Tbourida maintains a significant spiritual component from generation to generation, especially because it places the horse, the sacred animal of Islam, at the heart of an amazing and stunning show, and for the food read about Morocco rhythmic meals.

The Moroccan and global audience are awed by the Tbourida. It is connected to events like moussems, agricultural festivals, and several family and national holidays. Foreigners sometimes refer to it as “Fantasia,” a Latin term with the sense of entertainment.

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