5 beaches in Morocco that you must definitely visit

Morocco’s diverse natural landscapes, which include a range of natural beach resorts and stunning locations, make it one of the most alluring travel destinations in the world. The beaches of Morocco are among the most stunning in the world. You will forget about everything in the crystalline waves and on the rugged shores.

Find out which 5 beaches we think you should visit:

1. Dragon Beach in Dakhla

Dragon Beach in Dakhla

2. White Beach in Guelmim

White Beach in Guelmim

3. Laghzira Beach in Mirleft

Laghzira Beach in Mirleft

3. Ain Dalia Beach in Tangier

Ain Dalia Beach in Tangier

5. Quemado Beach in El Hoceima

Quemado Beach in El Hoceima
Morocco Tours Operator

Morocco Tours Operator

We organize Morocco tours from the following cities:
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