Spain And Morocco In 7 Days

spain and morocco in 7 days

Traveling through Spain and Morocco in just seven days might sound like a whirlwind adventure, but with careful planning, it’s an immersive journey that unveils the rich tapestry of these two diverse countries. You could book a 5 days tour from marrakech to fes. Let’s embark on this exciting escapade, discovering the enchanting highlights of each destination. You read as well about Turkey And Morocco Tours.

Day 1 – Arrival in Spain

Welcome to the Vibrant Streets of Barcelona

The adventure begins in Barcelona, where the lively streets and stunning architecture set the tone for an unforgettable trip. Greeted by the iconic works of Gaudi, you’ll feel the artistic pulse of the city.

Savory Delights at La Boqueria Market

A feast for the senses awaits at La Boqueria Market. Immerse yourself in the colors and aromas of fresh produce, local delicacies, and the lively chatter of vendors.

Unwinding at Barceloneta Beach

After a day of exploration, relax at Barceloneta Beach, soaking in the Mediterranean sun and enjoying the vibrant beach culture.

Day 2 – Journey through Madrid

Historical Marvels at Prado Museum

Madrid beckons with its cultural treasures, and the Prado Museum is a masterpiece in itself. Lose yourself in the works of Goya, Velazquez, and other Spanish masters.

Strolling in Retiro Park

Escape the urban hustle in Retiro Park, a green oasis in the heart of Madrid. Row a boat on the lake or simply savor the tranquility.

Nightlife Extravaganza in Chueca

As night falls, dive into the vibrant nightlife of Chueca. Tapas bars, music, and the lively atmosphere make for an unforgettable evening.

Day 3 – Seville: A Tapestry of Culture

The Majestic Alcazar Palace

Seville welcomes you with the grandeur of the Alcazar Palace. Marvel at the intricate architecture and lush gardens that whisper tales of history.

Flamenco Magic at Triana District

In the evening, head to the Triana district for an authentic Flamenco experience. The passionate dance and soulful music capture the essence of Spanish culture.

Day 4 – Across the Strait to Morocco

Tangier: Gateway to Africa

Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, you arrive in Tangier, Morocco. The blend of European and African influences creates a unique charm.

Exotic Souks of the Medina

Explore the narrow alleys of the Medina, where vibrant souks offer an array of spices, textiles, and handmade crafts. Let the mystique of Morocco unfold.

Day 5 – Marrakech: A Feast for the Senses

The Bustling Jemaa el-Fna Square

Marrakech dazzles with Jemaa el-Fna Square. Snake charmers, street performers, and the aroma of Moroccan cuisine create a sensory spectacle.

Serenity at Majorelle Garden

Amidst the hustle, find tranquility at Majorelle Garden. The vibrant blue architecture and lush greenery provide a serene escape.

Day 6 – Atlas Mountains and Beyond

Scenic Drive through the Atlas Mountains

Embark on a scenic drive through the Atlas Mountains, discovering breathtaking landscapes and charming Berber villages along the way.

Berber Villages and Local Traditions

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Berber villages. Connect with locals, savor traditional cuisine, and witness the hospitality of Morocco.

Day 7 – Departure and Reflection

Last Glimpses of Marrakech

As your journey concludes, take one last stroll through the enchanting streets of Marrakech. Capture the vibrant colors and bid farewell to this magical city.

Heading Home with Memories

With a heart full of memories, head back home, cherishing the whirlwind of experiences that Spain and Morocco have offered in just seven days.


In the span of a week, the whirlwind tour through Spain and Morocco unveils the rich cultural tapestry, historical wonders, and vibrant landscapes of these two mesmerizing countries. From the artistic allure of Barcelona to the mystique of Marrakech’s medina, each day brings new adventures and unforgettable moments.


Is seven days enough to explore both Spain and Morocco?

While it’s a brief visit, careful planning allows for a glimpse into the highlights of both countries.

What is the best time of year for this journey?

Spring and fall offer pleasant weather, avoiding the extreme heat of summer.

Are language barriers a challenge in Morocco?

English and French are widely understood, easing communication for travelers.

Can I customize the itinerary based on personal preferences?

Absolutely! Tailor the journey to your interests for a more personalized experience.

Any recommended souvenirs to bring back?

Look for unique items in the souks, such as handmade crafts, spices, and traditional textiles.

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