Will Morocco become a developed country?

will morocco become a developed country

As its economy continues to grow, Morocco is on the path to becoming a developed country. The North African nation has been investing in education, infrastructure, and tourism in recent years, and these efforts are starting to pay off, you could do a 4 days tour from marrakech to merzouga.

In 2016, Morocco’s GDP per capita was $3,500, which is lower than the $12,000 threshold for developed countries. However, the country’s GDP is expected to nearly double by 2030, which would put it on par with other developed nations, you could read as well about How much to tip a tour driver in Morocco?.

One of the key drivers of Morocco’s economic growth has been its tourism industry. The country welcomed a record 13 million tourists in 2017, and this number is expected to grow in the years to come.

In addition to its growing economy, Morocco has also made strides in education. The country’s literacy rate has increased from 58% in 2004 to 77% in 2016. And, in 2018, Morocco launched a new national education program that is designed to improve the quality of education across the country.

With its growing economy and investments in education and infrastructure, Morocco is well on its way to becoming a developed country.

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